Google is negotiating with the City of San Jose to build a 20,000 employee mega-campus in downtown San Jose.

This project could exacerbate Silicon Valley's housing crisis and create more poverty-wage service jobs — or it could produce widespread opportunity for working families.

Let's make sure our families thrive as Google grows.

Tech development should not displace Silicon Valley's working families.

Across the Bay Area, we’ve seen the tech-driven influx of high-wage jobs drive rents and home prices sky high. That forces working families – and increasingly even programmers and engineers – to cram together in small apartments, commute for hours from the Central Valley, or sleep in cars, RVs or on the street.

San Jose is one of the most diverse cities in the nation, yet today people of color, young families and women-headed households are all being uprooted by extreme rent increases. Unless we take action, Google’s growth risks pushing out the diverse communities that make San Jose great.

With our communities at the table, we can shape a new model for inclusive tech growth.

Google is asking to buy some of San Jose's most valuable public land, and its plans rely on zoning changes and taxpayer investments worth over $10 billion. In return for these public resources, we're calling on Google to negotiate a Community Benefits Agreement that addresses the serious impacts of its mega-campus.

At three town hall meetings and in a survey of nearly 1,000 San Jose residents, our community identified five core priorities for any deal with Google:

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